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Custom Homes

Custom Homes Cost:

Under 2000 sq-ft    $675

Over 2000 sq-ft

please email us  for quote


See each plan in Gallery for prices

  No cost for minor modifications


We offer  a material list on 

our stock house plans only.  

Cost $200.00

Additional costs

*Finished basement add $50.00 to our stock plans.

*If you change your mind & we have to draw a new  plan-an additional $200 will be added.


(Final payment needs to be made when you are satisfied with your rough draft)

6 simple steps to get you started

1. Email us and let us know which house plan

you want us to draw.

One of our plans or a custom plan

All house plans come with an unfinished basement,

crawl space or slab.

*Finished basement see price above.  

2. To start we require a $200.00 deposit which is
(through pay-pal located on this page.)

3. Once the deposit is made, we will make any changes for you.

We will email you about the specifics of your house, i.e., foundation type,

wall heights, roofing material, etc. and any modifications you want to

make to a plan. 

4. When you are satisfied with all the changes on your house plan.

We will send you an invoice through paypal for the balance remaining..

5. After you have paid the amount in full, we will complete your plan,

 then we will release the printable PDF version to you.
6.  It is all yours to send to your local printing business and print FULL

size (24x36) blueprints.  Print as many as you need.

We look forward to working with you and creating your dream home.

Congrats on your NEW home.    




God Bless!

Email us with a review, let us know how we did!

Also, Email us a photo of your beautiful finished home.

We would love to see it!!


prices subject to change without notice.



If you should  decide to have someone other than our firm modify or redraw these plans, you should know that it is against the law. *Anyone who participates is in a copyright violation. Our plans are protected under federal copyright laws. *Any reproduction or modification of the plans without the express written consent of  Cornerstone Home Designs, is prohibited.    (**We modify our plans at no cost for you. - no need to go anywhere else)

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