Thank you so much for working with me to make my dream house a reality! I loved the floor plan but wanted the outside to look a different. You took my emails and turned them into an amazing house plan. I can't wait to get started building! Thank you again!

~S. Bullard

We love our house plans. Working with you was so easy. I appreciate how accommodating you were in making changes to fit exactly what we wanted. I cannot wait to get started on building our home! We will send pictures once it is completed! Thanks again for a great plan!


Dale and Teresa are the best!!! I feel like I know them and never actually met. They were so helpful with different ideas or had suggestions for the house. Our house plan came out perfect. Looking to start the build this year. Will send pictures when it's done!! If you are looking to buy house prints and like this plan, get them here. Super affordable and will make any changes you ask. There great!!! Plus all the builders that have seen my print are impressed!! 

~Dan Loney

We won't be building for a few years, but loved the look of your house. My Christmas present from my husband was getting the plans. You were awesome to work with and we can't wait to start this project. You were so easy to work with and made the changes we wanted. Thanks again and once we start I will send pics.

~Steve and Lisa Johnson

 I just want to thank you for being such a blessing to work with!! Your kindness and expertise go a long way in this process. I am so thankful we found you!! I can't wait go share pics of our very own Simply Farmhouse! Jessica

Dale and Teresa were great to work with! I appreciated all of the special attention and questions answered along the way. The icing on the cake was working with another family in Christ to help us build our dream house in the country! Thanks guys, and may the Lord bless you and your family!
~Kyle, Chrissy, & Baby Selah

Dale and Teresa were very easy to work with. After contacting them by email, we received our plans in a very short amount of time. We had a general idea of the type of house we wanted to build, but after searching for several months, had been unable to find a suitable plan. Dale and Teresa's plan was exactly what we'd been looking for. We couldn't be more thankful to them both for providing this plan, customizing it, and all at a very economical price and expediently. Thanks again, ~Eric & Megan

 Thank you, thank you, thank you! We are so excited to start this next chapter of our lives. The house plans are perfect and you were a joy to work with!!

blessings, Josh, Stephanie, Avery, & Jace Akers

This looks amazing! Thank you both so much for being SO incredibly easy to work with!! I just couldn't imagine working with someone online to construct house plans and never meeting in person, but you guys are awesome! This process was so much easier than I thought it would be and these plans are exactly what we had in mind and dreamed of. We hope to get started in just a few weeks! Thank you again for making this such a wonderful experience...we are so blessed to have found you.

Have a wonderful day,
Susan and Joel